We recommend reading through the Important Audition Information for a run down of the audition schedule and

the show break down to understand the characters roles, ensemble numbers & scenes of 'The Phantom of the Opera'.



Everyone must sing "The Phantom of the Opera" and either "Think of Me" (females) or "Music of the Night" (males) for the Auditions. The segments you will sing is shown in the videos below.

To view and learn the song click here to open youtube and sing along to the Karafun version of the song, it will start at just the right start point for auditions 

Female & Male Audition song


Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear
It's me they hear

Your/my spirit and your/my voice
In one combined
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside your/my mind

Males Audition Song


Softly, deftly, music shall caress you
hear it, fear it, secretly possess you
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
this darkness which you know you cannot fight
The darkness of the music of the night



"Think of me"

Think of me, think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye
Remember me, once in a while
Please, promise me you'll try
When you find that once again you long
To take your heart back and be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for me


The Eight Audition Rotations and their Leaders
A)  Singing #1 - Prayer Room (Julie – Director*) 
B) Ballet Choreography #1  - (Sarah – Chorographer)
C) Acting, Script #1- (Janelle – Director*) 
D i) Form Administration - (Jenny - Admin)
   ii) Costume sizing         
   iii) Singing Video
   iv)Program Photo
E) Characterisation, Improvisation & Movement
F) Combat & Conflict Acting #2 - (Kristen – Director*) 
G) Singing #2 - 
H) Theatrical Dance Choreography #2 - (Jessica - Lead Chorographer) 
*Students will be asked to sing the audition section of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ for each of the Directors as they move through the rotations. 

The Audition Process. 
•    On Friday and Saturday, our audition process will involve the students being divided into groups; each group will rotate through 8 stations from script reading/ acting, dance, singing, stage combat, costume information gathering, administrative paperwork and video of the student singing. 
•    Our Production Leadership Team will work with the students while determining those we need to see again for leading role call backs on Monday 27th and Saturday 4th of March.






These are the songs that will be needed to be sung at Call Backs. We encourage those seeking a lead role to become familiar these songs listed for their desired role(s).


Please Click to read through the Call Back information in a PDF.