Phantom Cast Announced!

CONGRATULATIONS! What am amazing cast we have for this very exciting first youth production in the southern hemisphere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece The Phantom of the Opera!

Thank you to students and parents for your time, engery, patience, and a special thank you to all the Alumni who auditioned as potential understudies, you are all greatly appreciated and lastly to the team who help in all areas of auditions and casting this, what a mammoth effort, Well Done!

When you read the following please remember to look at both Act 1 and Act 2 (following below) castings, and while we know this can be difficult to understand easily, please bring your questions along to our first Rehearsal Tomorrow at 4pm. It will all be clearly explained then. Also a quick reminder please turn in the last of your forms if you haven't already. See you then.

Phantom Act 1 Casting

PhanAct 1 casting.png

Phantom Act 2 Casting

Phan Act 2 Casting

Now Cast, Let the Fun, The Drama,

The Journey Begin!

First rehearsal Tomorrow 4pm-7pm @ Nexus HQ

757 McIvor HWY Junortoun.