Nexatonix is a *new*, specialist vocal ensemble that will run in conjunction with Nexus BYT Unmasked 2017.        Nexatonix aims to make beautiful music using some of the beautiful young voices of Nexus BYT, whilst also building skills in music reading and musicianship. We want to make something really special that showcases a selection of our best singers.

Who is running Nexatonix in Term 4 2017?   

Emily Bibby completed her Bachelor of Music in Performance at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, and has since worked as a teacher of singing, a classroom music teacher and a choral director. Emily believes in the value of strong musicianship skills, teamwork and the energising power of singing in a group, and she is thrilled to have been asked to direct Nexatonix from its inception.

Auditions for Nexatonix:

Participation in Nexatonix will be by audition only, and these auditions will take place at the first Nexus Unmasked on October 13th.  Sign ups for the auditions will be at the sign in table on the 13th and will take place in 10 minute intervals throughout the night.

Who will get to be in Nexatonix?

 Between 8 and 12 singers will be selected to participate in the first series of Nexatonix/Unmasked workshops, and the singers will be selected according to a few important criteria:

1.       The group needs to have a balance of voice types and ranges. If we have lots of soprani (high female/unbroken male) voices audition (for example), they *might* not all get a gig.

2.       Individual singers need to demonstrate that they can ‘blend’ their voices with others by listening carefully and adapting their sound; this *might* mean that Nexatonix won’t be a good fit for singers used to solo singing, unless you’re prepared to work hard to add ‘blending’ to your singing toolbox.

3.       Individual singers need to demonstrate that they are ‘team players’, and that they are prepared to listen to the leader and take instruction and direction. This *might* mean doing things that are new and unusual to you, and accepting that these things are part of the learning process.

4.      You are able to participate on the following required dates: October 13th, 20th, Nov 3rd, 10, 17th  

Audition Material – Please read this carefully!

In the Audition, you will be ‘tested’ on a few key skills:

-          Your sense of pitch

-          Your ability to ‘hold’ a pitch against another pitch (harmony)

-          Your sense of rhythm, and your ability to hold a rhythm against a regular beat

-          Your attitude and your receptiveness to being ‘taught’ :-)

You will be asked to do this in FOUR SEPARATE WAYS (so get these things ready!):

1.       Asking you to sing some intervals (gaps between pitches) as accurately as you can. Here’s a video to demonstrate the skill and the intervals that might be asked:

2.       Asking you to sing some notes played on the piano in the same way this video describes: You might be asked for the top or the bottom note, so practise both!

3.       Singing a round (a canon) against Emily, and holding it! This is the round you need to learn, and you need to memorise it!

4.       Singing a song of your own choice, unaccompanied (that means no backing tracks!) whilst clicking or clapping a steady beat. This should be around 30 seconds duration.

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