In 2013 Nexus BYT faced exciting new challenges.  The support from the community (especially BBC and BBCCI) enabled us to establish and develop, both our presence within the wider community and in reputation amoungst the youth; and as a result, we found ourselves looking for new ways to care and nurture our exponential growth. In 2013 we had 125+ youth/young adults (including alumni) engaged in our various programs. 

The most exciting new initiative in 2013 was ‘Nexus Grants a Dream’ which allowed a Year 7 student with a special need to join our show on Saturday – fully costumed and engaged, allowing them to build community with other like-minded youth. His experience was amazing; for his family, the Nexus students and for himself.  A quote from his mum, ‘What a sensational time we all had in being a part of the Nexus experience…Our son is not always readily accepted everywhere we go, so this was very refreshing for all of us.’ 

Annie was a huge success with 59 cast, an orchestra of 16 and a backstage/production team of 20+. Over 1300 seats sold in 5 performances. While the final production produced outstanding results, we continually reminded our students that it is not all about the performance; it is about the journey. Each year we are privileged to see the lives of young people changed – confidence built, courage to believe in themselves established, growth in leadership, and relationships that will last a life time.

Watch the Behind the Scenes Documentary below to watch the journey of NEXUS 2013.