In Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original musical masterpiece, far beneath the majestic Paris Opera house, the Phantom hides in a shadowy existence. Though shamed by his deformities and greatly feared by many the love he has for his beautiful protégée Christine is so strong that even her heart cannot resist.

For over 30 years, The Phantom of the Opera has wowed audiences across the globe. It is the most viewed, highest grossing form of entertainment in history, and Nexus BYT is the first youth theatre in the Southern Hemisphere to be granted permission to perform Andrew Lloyd Webbers classic right here for Bendigo audiences. Performed by an exceptionally talented cast of young people.

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Some of our Audience Reviews:

"Congratulations Nexus. The preparation that must have gone into The Phantom of the Opera has certainly paid off. What an incredibly amazing show. The talent these teens possess left me in awe. I rode the full roller coaster of emotions throughout the show. I laughed, I was in love. I was on the edge of my seat in a few parts and I certainly cried. There were moments during some of the songs where I closed my eyes because the voices were so captivating, and it was beautiful to just feel the emotion and the sound of such talent. A feast for the senses. I also loved the costumes and sets. 
I'm still reliving moments, days later.  I absolutely loved it!"  - Donna

"Seriously, these kids are scary talented! It's quite possible they don't fully appreciate just how GOOD they are. The words amazing, incredible, spectacular and awesome fit perfectly. The buzz that The Phantom of the Opera has generated is real - people should be excited by what they've witnessed! And great job Julie, as Director for having the passion (and persistence) to obtain the rights to Phantom, for believing in the strength of cast, backstage crew and orchestra in their ability to step up and deliver the goods in a most outstanding run of performances. You all should be so proud of what your hard work, dedication and talent has achieved. Chookas for next year!" - Andy

"Well done Nexus for putting on an amazing performance as was seen last Saturday afternoon. 
Completely awesome from start to finish." - Ian

"This production was absolutely brilliant on so many levels. Cast were amazing, so talented & the singing was superb!! The set was fantastic & music just beautiful."  -Chris

"An amazing performance by the entire cast , it's heartening to see so much talent exists in Bendigo . 
What beautiful young people shining brightly with their love of music , song , dance & theatre." - Jacinta

"This show is amazing! The sets & costumes were incredible. The live orchestra was brilliant. What a wonderful cast our youth certainly did us proud and put on a performance that was a joy to watch.. Powerful, beautiful voices - talented and passionate young stars .. Well done to everyone concerned - you can see the effort involved and it paid off with a stellar show." - Kerryne

"I was overwhelmed by the quality of the performance. .the props were so professional and the musical and acting talents of all involved was outstanding . I was completely absorbed in the whole performance.. opening scene gave me goosebumps and the closing scenes had me in tears..." - Carolyn

"What an absolutely incredible show. Just mesmerizing from start to finish. Brilliant from all of the cast through to the backstage and technical crew - truly a performance of professional standard. Can't wait to see where the cast go to from here and future performances. Will certainly be travelling again to see future shows." - Maree

"Absolutely brilliant. We were expecting an amateur production but were blown away by the very professional standards of performance." - Daniel

"Bravo Nexus. Incredible show. Loved it!" - Connor

"Such a professional standard. Breathtaking!! So many future stars. Well done to all involved. Bravo!" - Kate

"Absolutely the most impressive production I have ever seen!! Congratulations to all the cast & crew at Nexus." - Jodie