Unmasked emerged from Nexus Bendigo Youth Theatre, and while it is principally run by the same leadership team, it runs separate from the BYT production, allowing students to be involved from outside the cast of BYT’s productions.
Unmasked aims to teach, train and build student abilities in both dramatic and vocal skills in a fun, encouraging environment. Running twice a year (in term 1 & 4) each for duration of 3- 5 weeks, each session of Unmasked has a different focus skill that gradually builds on student abilities. During each session students are introduced to a new skill to learn, then together it is developed and practiced in groups and then they have the opportunity to perform their new skill at the conclusion of the workshop. During term 4 we invite any Grade 6 students who are interested in Nexus to join us!
Nexus  Unmasked is a great way for Youth to experience various dramatic styles, from Shakespeare to Mime, Clowning to Singing in Character, all while having fun.